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We have helped everyone from a small early stage company with monetization strategies for their app based product, to helping larger companies with identifying disruptive technologies for both threats and benefits. In this presently accelerated business cycle, where the disruptors are being disrupted by their disruptors our fresh set of eyes will reveal paths and opportunities which might not be seen from the inside. This is really where the "doing it everyday comes into play". We currently operate both consumer and business focused retail operations, and actively participate on advisory boards of companies ranging from medical diagnosis software, social giving to 3D printing. We operate the specialty retailer the Museum Company™ and helped create, launch and patent the Espheric™ drone platform.

Established in 1994, we've "been there, and done that", and continue to do it everyday. Lessons learned and trends gleaned give us a broad insight in connecting the unobvious dots to effectively identify trends and strategies for your organization, your team, to the individual executives within.

2017 Case Studies : ◉  Provided technical and funding advice for an European based healthcare startup creating technologies for computer based disease diagnosis. ◉  As an alternate and more economical data collection method for a US based company, tested AI based object recognition to identify rooftop objects from satellite photos.

Our consulting, production and venture concentrations have all been in technology arena, and are highly data driven. Knowledge management is the underlying DNA of everything we do and remaining the fundamental basis all our endeavors. This DNA resulted in us spinning off the data capture company ScanGo™) in 2003, and was the impetus for the knowledge management software created by TamTam™, which later powered Ebay's International Answer Desk. As 3D Printing is the future of manufacturing, we believe these AI will be the future of programming, content, customer interaction...almost everything. We want our clients to be on top of these emerging technologies, because we do believe those who are not will be left behind.

2017 Case Studies : ◉  For a retail client, we employed a Deep Convolutional Neural Network based AI system for catalog image enhancement.

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