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We have run business ranging from a b2c internet retailer, and b2b consulting company to a small chain of convenience stores. We have developed the processes and solutions maximizing productivity at a minimum expense. We believe in looking at operations from this standpoint to gain efficiencies and insights by leveraging technology as much as reasonably possible – with a strong emphasis on reasonably. On this and, many notes, we live by an amended Pareto principle of 90 / 10, understanding that the last necessary 10 can be painfully difficult to achieve.

Not only can we streamline existing operations, we can help efficienctly launch new ones. We are strong believers in MVP (minimally viable product), even before it was named MVP. In 2011 were asked by Fox News to write an article for their Apprentice Program, which was all about bringing a technology to market quickly to prove concept, without bias by a diminished product, as quickly and inexpensively as possible (Fetzer Fox Article). Let us streamline your existing operations or launch your new ones.

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