Labs & Experimental Research

Our team operates a multi-disciplinary lab, where we develop intellectual property and proofs of concept for emerging technologies. We are constantly sharpen our sword for ourselves and our clients with a number of our developed technologies ending up in the products of other companies. A few of the recent activities in our lab:

◉ Assisting with the creation of HD immersive VR technologies utilized by the patent-pending Espheric drone system.

◉ Working with computational and algorithmic imaging for image enhancement to scanning systems.

◉ Programming our own chatbot with Q & A sessions from customer service interactions.

◉ Implemented our own instance of a neural network based "deep dream" art creator. Our Portraite™ technologies still win out, but like AI in the KM sphere, this is rapidly changing and better implementations are already creating mind-blowing art.

◉ We’re working with Google’s SyntaxNet / Parsy McParsyface and Facebooks DeepText / FastText for the knowledge management sphere. [{"sentence": "Arden's test of Parsy McParseFace - good fun!", "tree": {"ROOT": [{"index": 3, "token": "test", "label": "NOUN", "pos": "NN", "tree": {"poss": [{"index": 1, "token": "Arden", "label": "NOUN", "pos": "NNP", "tree": {"possessive": [{"index": 2, "token": "'s", "label": "PRT", "pos": "POS"}]}}], "prep": [{"index": 4, "token": "of", "label": "ADP", "pos": "IN", "tree": {"pobj": [{"index": 6, "token": "McParseFace", "label": "NOUN", "pos": "NNP", "tree": {"nn": [{"index": 5, "token": "Parsy", "label": "NOUN", "pos": "NNP"}]}}]}}], "punct": [{"index": 7, "token": "-", "label": ".", "pos": "HYPH"}, {"index": 10, "token": "!", "label": ".", "pos": "."}], "dep": [{"index": 9, "token": "fun", "label": "NOUN", "pos": "NN", "tree": {"amod": [{"index": 8, "token": "good", "label": "ADJ", "pos": "JJ"}]}}]}}]}}]

◉ Contact us or call us at 1-303-578-8566 to learn more. It doesn’t cost a thing to ask!

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