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If Content is King, then Data is Divine™. Our early operations were the impetus of what became a specialty knowledge management company called TamTam (which was also founded by our founder). Their proprietary knowledge management platform was used by Ebay as the basis of their international seller and buyer resource sections on, which at the time on eBay was advertised as "Powered by TamTam". We've been on the cutting edge of knowledge management for over a decade -- it's in our DNA.

Practicality is also in our DNA. As most the data in this world is unstructured, we’ve spent decades learning how to capture, utilize and analyze this unstructured data. Presently we at the moment where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) (see Labs below) are about to take over this scene, but in the meantime, we have constructed - in some cases built our own tools to effectively approach this task. Be it for intelligence, forensics, competitive or internal research, the possibilities are endless once you start converting all that data into understanding. For example, we can help with:

◉ Curation & Summarization : Unstructured Text Analysis : Abstractive Summarization : Data Mining : Data Scraping-Extraction and Capture : And much, much more…

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