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We've been 3D Printing since 2010 and have an assortment of our own 3D Printing equipment. Our engineering team colleague was actually being named in a Motley Fool article as the the creator of "the World’s 1st Desktop 3D Printer for Metal". Of course, much less exciting and something we ourselves are moving that very much has still has its place and time, is traditional overseas manufacturing. We have produced our designs overseas, handling everything from modeling, production and logistics, bringing in full containers of mass produced items from overseas. That said we feel 3D manufacturing is the future -- and much more exciting!

From small clients to Fortune 500 companies, we've gone from concept to packaging with products of all different types and sizes. From traditional overseas production to in-house 3D printing, we have the equipment, resources and experience. We are deep into 3D printing, as our engineering parnter (we are on their advisory board) was named in a Motley Fool article as the creator of "the World’s 1st Desktop 3D Printer for Metal".

Case Studies : ◉  For a Fortune 100 Company, 3D Protoyped & Printed over 100 pieces in quick turnaround. ◉ For Fortune 500 client requiring a "Made in the USA" giftware product, we designed, prototyped and produced over 1,000 pieces at our Denver facilities.

◉ Contact us or call us at 1-303-578-8566 to learn more. It doesn’t cost a thing to ask!

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