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Data is Divine™

Data Science, Mining, Scraping, Intelligence & Digital Forensics

If Content is King, then Data is Divine™. Our early operations were the impetus of what became a specialty knowledge management company called TamTam (which was also founded by our founder). Their proprietary knowledge management platform was used by Ebay as the basis of their international seller and buyer resource sections on, which at the time on eBay was advertised as "Powered by TamTam". We've been on the cutting edge of knowledge management for over a decade -- it's in our DNA.

Practicality is also in our DNA. As most the data in this world is unstructured, we’ve spent decades learning how to capture, utilize and analyze this unstructured data. Presently we at the moment where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) (see Labs below) are about to take over this scene, but in the meantime, we have constructed - in some cases built our own tools to effectively approach this task. Be it for intelligence, forensics, competitive or internal research, the possibilities are endless once you start converting all that data into understanding. For example, we can help with:

◉ Curation & Summarization : Unstructured Text Analysis : Abstractive Summarization : Data Mining : Data Scraping-Extraction and Capture : And much, much more…

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Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks

As 3D Printing is the future of manufacturing, we believe these AI will be the future of programming, content, customer interaction...almost everything. We want our clients to be on top of these emerging technologies, because we do believe those who are not will be left behind. Actual AI Use and implementations for clients to date include:

◉ Using AI based object recognition to identify rooftop objects from satellite photos.

◉ For a retail client, we employed a Deep Convolutional Neural Network based AI system for catalog image enhancement, the results of which are presently being used today.

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3D Scanning, Speciality Scanning & Capture

Many times data still resides on good old paper or other physical sources (including backup media). For the physical and paper sources we have state of the art scanners, to capture 2D, 3D & even use specialty equipment to safely capture the highest level of data for data preservation and subsequent analysis. We use the term "safely", because at the turn of the century, we developed a specialty in capturing rare and delicate archival images -- this is now a separate company (since 2003) we still work in very close partnership called ScanGo;™.

◉ Scango has has scanned everything from a small piece of the actual Apollo 13 Service Module, to military vehicle piece needing redesign.

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We also actively utilize 3D Printing. To learn more about 3D Printing please visit that section under Production or click here.

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Software & Hardware Development

Many of the things we’ve need for ourselves or our clients simply haven’t been available "off the shelf". We’ve had to develop our own novel and creative solutions -- again utilizing our amended Pareto principle of 90 / 10, in this case to typically get 90% the way there for 10% the cost. It was a lesson learned not too long after our founding, and we have a long history of development.

◉ One of our earliest projects, in the early 90’s when presented with a problem to move data between two very archaic legacy systems, which had terrible interconnection abilities, we came up with a novel barcode based transfer system, which allows these two disparate systems to incorporate each other's’ data. Again, it could have been done more elegantly, but ours was 90% effective at much less than 10% of the cost, which the elegant solution would have most certainly been.

◉ In 1997, prior to Instagram and Snapchat filters -- even Google's Deep Dream -- we created one of the first Photo to Works of Art processes which allow you to convert photos to works of art.

◉ With ScanGo, which was spun off in 2003, we have co-developed a number of technologies, including proprietary image processing algorithms and even proprietary scanning hardware built to scan the “unscannable” and very fragile books from the late 18th century. And we’re still doing it today, now in 3D.

◉ In 2016, we contributed to the technical development of Espheric -- a 360 degree immersive drone platform.

Labs & Experimental

Our team operates a multi-disciplinary lab, where we develop intellectual property and proofs of concept for emerging technologies. We are constantly sharpen our sword for ourselves and our clients with a number of our developed technologies ending up in the products of other companies. A few of the recent activities in our lab:

◉ Assisting with the creation of HD immersive VR technologies utilized by the patent-pending Espheric drone system.

◉ Working with computational and algorithmic imaging for image enhancement to scanning systems.

◉ Programming our own chatbot with Q & A sessions from customer service interactions.

◉ Implemented our own instance of a neural network based "deep dream" art creator. Our Portraite™ technologies still win out, but like AI in the KM sphere, this is rapidly changing and better implementations are already creating mind-blowing art.

◉ We’re working with Google’s SyntaxNet / Parsy McParsyface and Facebooks DeepText / FastText for the knowledge management sphere. [{"sentence": "Arden's test of Parsy McParseFace - good fun!", "tree": {"ROOT": [{"index": 3, "token": "test", "label": "NOUN", "pos": "NN", "tree": {"poss": [{"index": 1, "token": "Arden", "label": "NOUN", "pos": "NNP", "tree": {"possessive": [{"index": 2, "token": "'s", "label": "PRT", "pos": "POS"}]}}], "prep": [{"index": 4, "token": "of", "label": "ADP", "pos": "IN", "tree": {"pobj": [{"index": 6, "token": "McParseFace", "label": "NOUN", "pos": "NNP", "tree": {"nn": [{"index": 5, "token": "Parsy", "label": "NOUN", "pos": "NNP"}]}}]}}], "punct": [{"index": 7, "token": "-", "label": ".", "pos": "HYPH"}, {"index": 10, "token": "!", "label": ".", "pos": "."}], "dep": [{"index": 9, "token": "fun", "label": "NOUN", "pos": "NN", "tree": {"amod": [{"index": 8, "token": "good", "label": "ADJ", "pos": "JJ"}]}}]}}]}}]

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