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We make things. Since 2011 we have used 3D Printing to not for prototyping, but actual production of thousands of ready for market products. Let us develop and make something for you!

Product Concept & Design

When a Fortune 100 technology company was in need a piece needed rapidly - something we would traditionally model, mold and cast overseas, we electronically designed, prototyped, 3D printed and delivered the 100 pieces from concept to delivery in weeks rather than months -- even beating what on the onset seemed an unbeatable deadline. For another Fortune 500 client, who required their products be entirely Made in the USA, we did the same from concept and design to packaging. From small companies to other large, we've designed, prototyped and produced thousands of pieces, at our Denver location using the latest in 3D printing technologies. Let us do the same for you!

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Engineering & Prototyping

Our team has engineered everything from jewelry pieces and decorative housewares to drone parts, 3D printers, solar thermal arrays and industrial control electronics. Many of these have been geared towards final manufacturing using 3D Printing and next generation technologies. Challenges using these new methods of production require almost a new engineering and our team is fully adept! Not only have we optimized for maximal strength with minimal materials (for both cost or weight or both), we've tuned the engineering of the pieces around the 3d printing constraints, making liabilities, assets and even for a piece of an aerial drone used composites reinforced with carbon fiber.

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3D Printing & Manufacturing

We've been 3D Printing since 2010 and have an assortment of our own 3D Printing equipment. Our engineering team colleague was actually being named in a Motley Fool article as the the creator of "the World’s 1st Desktop 3D Printer for Metal". Of course, much less exciting and something we ourselves are moving that very much has still has its place and time, is traditional overseas manufacturing. We have produced our designs overseas, handling everything from modeling, production and logistics, bringing in full containers of mass produced items from overseas. That said we feel 3D manufacturing is the future -- and much more exciting!

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Finishing & Finalization

With our combined experience in traditional large quantity overseas manufacturing, to 3D printed production, we have become experts in product finishing. We have found the Achilles' heel of 3d printing in many cases is the finishing. Applying our favorite amended Pareto principle of 90 / 10, whereby 3d printing can get you 90% the way there, but finishing that last 10% can, if not approached property, easily take 90% of the time and cost. The good news is we have greatly shaved that last mile (last 10%) of finishing down with a true art. This art includes, as noted above, not only our engineering team's ability to finish 3d printed parts with composites and carbon fiber to increase strength, but also a large assortment of proprietary methods to finish 3d parts to a consumer level of quality in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

We've done everything from concept to final product, and final details such as packaging and shipping costs are entirely integrated in our production process. For a certain product, in order to optimize a shipping rate, we engineered it with a greater internal strength thereby reducing both product and shipping packaging -- saving a bundle.

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