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Strategic Consulting, Research, Branding, Trends & Advisory

Established in 1994, we've "been there, and done that", and in many cases we continue to do it everyday, because apart from our consulting we own and operate a number of businesses. Lessons learned and trends gleaned from our own companies provide a large knowledge base for everything from market expansion to branding, providing us with a unique ability to effectively and efficiently deploy the proper tools and technologies for you, your organization, and the individual executives within.

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Product Design, Engineering, 3D Printing & Manufacturing

From small clients to Fortune 500 companies, we've gone from concept to packaging with products of all different types and sizes. From traditional overseas production to in-house 3D printing, we have the equipment, resources and know-how. Though exceptionally promising -- and we've been doing it since 2010 -- we've found 3D Printing to be a true 90/10 problem, with the last 10% of the production ending up being the 90% of effort -- typically product finishing. Lately we've spent much of our efforts with finishing. We can help, as not only do we have the ability to effectively use 3D printing for your company, we can actually make a 3D Printer as our engineering colleague was named in a Motley Fool article as the creator of "the World’s 1st Desktop 3D Printer for Metal".

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Data Science, Mining, Scraping, Analysis, Software Development...

Our consulting, production and venture concentrations have all been in technology arena, and are highly data driven. Knowledge management is the underlying DNA of everything we do and remaining the fundamental basis all our endeavors. This DNA resulted in us spinning off the data capture company ScanGo™) in 2003, and was the impetus for the knowledge management software created by TamTam™, which later powered Ebay's International Answer Desk. As such we have a highly developed practice in the Data Sciences, with abilities to analyze unstructured text, use automated curation, and perform abstractive summarization -- even experimentally working with natural language processing and AI. As 3D Printing is the future of manufacturing, we believe these AI will be the future of consulting business and many customer interactions. We want our clients to be on top of these emerging technologies, because we do believe those who are not will be left behind.

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Ventures & Investments

We put our money where our mouth is. We have made investments and created a number of companies, some of which became independent ventures. In 2016, we assisted in the development of a patent-pending universal mount drone attachment used for immersive 360 degree video capture for GIS, AR & VR Applications. Furthermore, we've even invested in some of the folks with whom we started with in an advisory capacity. Stay tuned, we have some exciting projects coming up!

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